Rafa Nadal Takes Cincinnati

There are 9 ATP tour Masters and 1000 events on the calendar. That is a great many betting opportunities for punter in this game, and it all started with the Californian BNP Paribas Open early in March. To date Nadal’s last Grand Slam win was Cincinnati versus John Isner in the final.

As far as placing a bet on tennis is concerned there are not a great many choices of wager, and the field is basically dominated by the top four players in the world. Nadal is just such a player, and for these players it is mandatory for them to attend four Grand Slams per season. This narrows the field quite considerably and challenges betting options.

Punters who wager on major tennis tours, and competitions have a rather large field from which to choose – especially when we consider the 1000 events. But unless a wild card comes to the fore and wins, there is not a great deal of money to be made off the final. The big guns who dominate this field are mostly evenly matched, which means not very good odds are on offer. However there are still some fairly lucrative betting opportunities to be had with players lower down on the field.

For example when looking at this week in particular, we see odds of a variety on offer for the ATP Winston – Salem. These take the form of Player 1 vs. Player 2, and are for a win. For example Ristomatti Lanne vs. Joel Poppov is offering odds of 11/8, and 8/15 respectively for a win. These are easy wagers to place, and as tennis can be quite a lengthy match, in-play wagers may also be placed.

When betting on the Grand Slam Masters in this game, it can also make the match more exciting for us. But tennis is a pretty fast game anyway, and it is this that makes it such a great spectator sport.

We now know that wagers can be made lower down the field by just picking a name, but when placing a wager on the top four these players and their form needs to be studied. Just as it is with horse racing the more practice a punter gets at making these predictions, the luckier he also gets. Sports betting is not a mugs-game, it is a game for fans who know as much as there is to possibly know about their players.

The fact that Raffa defeated Isner 7-6(8), 7-6(3) in Open final at Cincinnati, is relevant to how he will play in the next open. It matters that he saved all three break points on a hard-court titles for the first time ever in his tennis career. All of these facts and more should be studied by punters who are thinking of placing a wager on Nada, or any other player, the next time he (or they) hit a 110 mile-per-hour hard slice down the middle.

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