Why You Need to Go To Brazil In 2014

It seems like everybody who is anybody is planning to go to Brazil for the FIFA World Cup. From June through July, Brazil will play host to soccer fans from around the world. Twelve different cities are set for a series of matches that will span the country, the fifth largest on the globe! Football enthusiasts and tourists will experience a nation totally immersed in the sport!

Vacationing in Brazil:          

More than a vacation, Brazil is an experience in itself. From the beaches to the nightclubs, there is no other nation quite like it! Colonial villages, nightlife, exotic foods, the Amazon Jungle, and the Iguassu Falls are just a handful of the attractions awaiting your visit. Whether its football or water sports… Brazil truly has something for everyone. Stroll through the historic city of Manaus, set deep in the heart of the Amazon. Hang-glide above Rio de Janeiro and take in an aerial view of the city and the lush Brazilian forest.

Rio is an adventurer’s paradise. Climb the Dois Irmãos, hike the mountain trails, navigate the Rainforest, snorkel, scuba, or skim across the water by boat to a secluded tropical island.

The Stadiums:

While in Rio, watch any of the matches (or the World Cup 2014 Final) at the Maracana Stadium, originally constructed for the 1950 WC series, the stadium… once the largest in the world… accommodates approximately 78,000 fans.

Likewise, the Itaquera Stadium in São Paulo is ready to host several of the matches, as well as the quarter and semi-final games. Temporary stands will bring stadium capacity to upwards of 65,000 fans, throughout the 2014 FIFA Series.

The Fonte Nova Stadium, in Salvador, will also host a total of six soccer games. Originally opened in 1951, it was completely demolished in 2010. The new Arena Fonte Nova accommodates about 52,000 FIFA World Cup spectators. It includes several state of the art additions and a restaurant. One of the most accessible of the soccer arenas; it features a panoramic view of the surrounding region.

Just three of a dozen venues… fans are in for an experience of a lifetime this year in Brazil!

Regional Weather:

Remember that June and July are the cold/rainy season in Brazil.  Temperatures can range throughout the country, typically between 5C and 30C, depending on your destination. While coats, boots, and rainwear aren’t out of the question, pack your shorts, bikinis, sandals, and t-shirts. In spite of the season, the Brazilian beaches remain very pleasant throughout the year.

Local Pubs and Nightlife:

Enjoy ethnic foods, nightlife, festivals, celebrations, and pubs throughout Brazil. There is no end to the great variety of traditional flair and local customs. Revel in a multitude of exhibits, concerts, theatre, classes, and music festivals, and celebrations that represent Brazil’s cultural mosaic.

From beaches to mountains, stadiums to nightclubs, travel to the largest country in South America provides an amazing experience for anyone and everyone.  There are countless reasons why you need to go to Brazil this year, and World Cup 2014 is one of best!

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