Football betting tips on who the favourites are to win this season’s Premier League

As we take the first steps into the Premier League season, it starts to become clear that the title race is going to be as hotly contested as we expected.

The expectations at the sports betting markets have remained pretty much the same, with the big three all taking wins on opening day and starting the season strongly. Chelsea, Man United and Man City all started with very comfortable wins with the two Manchester sides being most impressive.

Chelsea remain at fairly generous odds of around 9/4 at the bookies and we can expect a characteristic strong start form Mourinho’s side. Man United got the strong start they needed to settle David Moyes into the job and Van Persie looks set to be as prolific as ever. His finishing against Swansea was as clinical as any striker in world football.

Nevertheless, bookmakers offer Man United at a generous 3/1 for the title. Man City look have the strongest squad in the Premier League. They have a nice balance of width and pace after signing Navas and they have a very physical side to their game which many teams will struggle to compete with.

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