Matchbook Review – a revolutionary sports betting exchange

The Betting Exchange Matchbook was founded in 2004 and when it was taken over by UK investors seven years later, it began to concentrate mainly on British based sports. Now, you will find a host of football coverage from around the world along with a wide selection of additional events as the company grows to become one of the best of its kind.

Matchbook is a perfect alternative to some of the more familiar names out there and while there may not be too many gimmicks with this outlet, their incredible liquidity which leads to a significantly low commission rate is a great reason to add their name to your betting portfolio.


Keep checking the Matchbook website for rotating offers but the important thing to remember is that the exchange’s great strength lies in an impressive 1% commission rate that is maintained throughout the sporting year. ‘Small margins make a big difference’ is the company motto and when you consider that other firms can charge up to 7% on trades you’ll understand what they mean.

That’s a huge swing in the customer’s favour and it puts more money back where it counts – your pocket.

In addition to that perpetually low rate, there are additional reductions on special events which change on a regular basis. The French Open and Wimbledon tennis championships of 2014 enjoyed zero commission while at the World Cup in Brazil, the standard figure was slashed in half to 0.5% for Asian Handicap Trades.

A 0.5% rate will also apply to the English Premiership in 2014-15 and don’t forget to look out for any additional changes in the coming months.

Markets and Odds

Football is a major part of Matchbook’s coverage and you’ll find leagues quoted from around the globe. The list of additional sports reads as follows,

Tennis, Cricket, Rugby Union, Golf, MMA, Baseball, Basketball, Boxing, Aussie Rules and Rugby League.

The list is growing so keep checking back to see what’s new.

The list of side bets depends on the size of the individual event but you can generally find the Asian Handicap as a minimum offering. As far as odds are concerned, the style of peer to peer trading that a betting exchange offers means that you can generally find far favourable prices than you would at a traditional sportsbook.

Usability have an attractive website which is easy to navigate and very little information is placed ‘below the fold’. That makes it simple to find your favourite sport and event in a very short space of time.

Customer service options are very prominent and these start with a list of helpful tutorials for anyone who is new to a betting exchange. Moving on, you’ll find a comprehensive set of FAQs and if you can’t find the answer to your query, telephone numbers for customer support are available.

Monitoring of the matchbook site also proves that it is very reliable and is far less prone to freezing or dropping altogether. Naturally that’s a huge bonus for users in markets that change very quickly.

Recently, the company has also introduced apps for the iPad and Smart Phone making it easy to bet while on the move.


There are no dazzling TV adverts to draw you in and no flashy welcome bonuses but Matchbook benefit the customer where it really counts and that 1% rate of commission on all trades just can’t be ignored.

As a bonus, you can access a host of markets with some of the best odds around to enhance your enjoyment and hopefully, your profits.

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