Sites for Mobile Sports Betting

In today’s world, smartphones can be used to do just about anything. This would also include using them to bet on sports using real money. Using a smartphone for sports betting is quite convenient, as there can be times when bettors simply are not within close range to a desktop computer or a laptop. Therefore, the best way to keep up with their bets is to use their smartphone. As a result, many sportsbooks have developed sites for mobile platforms such as the iPhone and other popular models.

There are two really good sportsbook sites for the iPhone. They also provide mobile versions. One of these sites is the Bookmaker Site, They recently have improved their mobile betting service and introduced their “Triple Double” service. This permits users of the iPhone to easily place wagers. This particular site is accessed through the web browser on the iPhone. The site is able to detect that it is being accessed with an iPhone, and so will automatically redirect you to a website that has been designed to be compatible with the iPhone. is a highly rated site; they have top notch customer support and many options for banking. It is also best to mention here that whereas sites such as these offer information on a range of sports, there are also some sites specifically designed to provide tips on a certain sports category such as boxing, or in some cases even a popular event such as the Grand National or FIFA World Cup.

Another sportsbook site that has been redesigned to cater to mobile phone customers is This site has been in existence as a sports betting site for a long time; over 15 years. Given their long history, they have developed a good reputation. Despite their history, they did take a while to get on the mobile access bandwagon. However, the one they have created is probably one of the best out there. They have a version of their site that is accessed through the web browser; laid out with the iPhone specifically in mind.

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