8 Great Reasons To Start Using Bike Sharing 

The popularity of bike share in Venice Beach is growing at a rapid pace. It’s convenient, cheap, sustainable, and a fantastic way to explore or get around town while freeing up parking spaces in the process. 

Some interesting facts about bike sharing:


  • It’s a great way to explore the city on your own terms. You can go where you want, when you want, without having to worry about traffic or parking.

– The bikes are easy to use and there’s nothing to sign up for—just swipe your membership card at any bike station and grab a bike!

– You can leave the bike anywhere after your ride is over; no need to worry about returning them to their original stations.

– Bikes come in all different sizes so there’s one that fits everyone! And they’re covered with mud guards so they’re easy to clean off when they get dirty during your ride too.

  • It’s cheap. You can rent a bike for as little as $1 a day or $20 a month. If you have an annual membership, you get a discount on each trip and free maintenance!
  • You can take your bike anywhere in town. Bike sharing companies are expanding all the time, so wherever you want to go, chances are there’s a bike nearby that can take you there!
  • It’s fun! Riding bikes is good exercise and makes for great exercise if you’re going somewhere by foot because it adds variety to your workout routine (and helps make up for those extra calories from eating out too much).
  • It’s environmentally-friendly. In addition to being great for tourists who might not have their own mode of transportation, it also helps reduce air pollution by getting more people to use bicycles instead of cars. 


– Riding a bike can be intimidating at first if you haven’t done it before! If this is true for you then consider taking a lesson before renting one from us or our bike sharing partners.  

The number of bike sharing services out there makes it difficult to recommend one over the other. But even if you use the bikes only a few times a month, it can still make a real difference in terms of how you get around. So don’t dismiss bike sharing because you think you don’t need it; instead, take advantage of it if you have the chance.

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