Who’s on top for Major League Baseball?

Just a few weeks into the 2014 Major League Baseball season, things are looking exciting for a number of teams, some of whom are doing everything right to hold onto their previous years’ titles, while others are lagging behind.

San Fran sensations

Baseball fans from San Francisco have not been disappointed so far this season thanks to the team’s outstanding performance. Currently at the top of the Power Rankings table, the boys from San Francisco Giants have managed to secure an astonishing nine wins in 10 games. The team’s luck could be about to change however if the injured Matt Cain continues to sit out from pitching, and their morale could certainly take a bit of a beating if they keep being mocked about the way that Cain incurred his injury – dropping a knife while making a sandwich.

Brewing up a storm

One team who have surprised fans across America this year are the Milwaukee Brewers, who, despite never having won a World Series Tournament, are now just one spot behind San Francisco in second place. However, if the boys are going for the first World Series Tournament win this year, they’ll have to battle a number of obstacles, namely the outcome of Carlos Gomez’s appeal, which came as a result of him being suspended for fighting with Pittsburgh Pirates right-hander Gerritt Cole.

Astronomical failure

Meanwhile, as the Brewers and the Giants continue to light up the leader board, the flailing Houston Astros are bottom of the Power Rankings table largely thanks to George Springer’s failure to perform in the majors, despite a fairly successful run in the minor. This is perhaps expected of the team however, who have never won a World Series and have not played in the tournament for almost 10 years.

Perhaps more surprising in the losing stakes is the performance of the New York Yankees, who are sitting in a paltry 12th place, despite holding the record for most World Series won at an impressive 27 out of 40 games. This could in part be attributed to a fall in standards for CC Sabathia, who admitted last year that he was the reason the team did not make the play offs.

With still so many games to go however, everything could change at this stage – we’re just looking forward to the next big surprise in the Power Rankings.

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