Hit the Golf Course with your energising and revitalising Companion

Lush green lawns, water-filled pots amid sandy and plain terrains two people walking around calmly with steel sticks and a white ball, no, it is not at all the scene from a romantic flick, it’s the breathtaking view of a Golf Range with challengers competing against each other to claim the title of the championship.

Unlike most ball games, Golf, the club-and-ball sport, which does not utilise a standardised playing area, ignites the same adrenaline rush as most of the ball games, and yes of, it also gives the same mental and physical fatigue as most of the other field and ball games.

Well, there are several intervals/breaks to break the monotony of the game and de-stress the players but ever wondered, what if the mental stress increases and the player needs a breeze of fresh air just before his final shot on the Golf range? One definitely cannot puff a cigarette or gulp down a sip of a chilled beer to ease out the building nervousness and pressure before hitting that final shot of some prestigious trophy, but a tiny shot of Swedish snus can beyond doubt prove to be the energy booster in the given situation.

The Swedish snus, available in a variety of flavours, has been one of the most selling snus because of more than one reason. One of the best features that make the Swedish snus a great selling product is being Tobacco-free and the other factor that adds to its value is its tangy and refreshing flavours that include most popular nicotine pouches such as lime, mint, fruity, coffee and more.

This small Swedish wonder snus comes in small packs that rest easily inside the pocket and one can get the invigorating pouch as and when required. Get your kit, get your caddy along and hit the Golf course with energy, enthusiasm and the Swedish snus in your pocket. Make the best out of every shot with perfection and perseverance, and just after the 18th hole don’t forget to dispose of the pouch in a bin.

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