FIFA World Cup 2014: Prize Money Breakdown – Payout Distribution

We are less than a couple of weeks away from World Cup 2014 Finale.. So what is the total prize money and how it will be distributed, let’s take a look at Prize Money breakdown Distribution for FIFA World Cup 2014.

FIFA confirmed that total prize money is $576 million US dollars. Most of that money comes from TV Rights to the World Cup and sponsors revenue.

Prize Money breakdown Distribution

  • The winning team will receive $35 million, the highest prize money in FIFA World Cup history – meaning the World Cup 2014 champion will get roughly 10% of the share.
  • The runners up will take $25 million
  • The third-placed nation will receive $20 million
  • All of the 32 teams will receive $1.5 million each
  • Group Stage 16 teams (Losers): $8m each
  • Round of 16 (Losers): $9m each
  • Quarter Finals (Losers): $14m each
  • 4th-place team: $18m
  • Insurance Money: $100m
  • Fees to the clubs whose players play in World Cup: $70m

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