Revealed: What Rugby players eat on a daily basis

The Rugby World Cup is just a few months away and the teams will be drafting up strenuous training programmes for every player. This will include a strict diet that the squads must abide to ensure they are in the desired shape. We have been finding out a bit more about what Rugby players eat on a daily basis.

Data gathered from worldsportsfoodfight.com suggest that the average man usually eats 3,000 calories per day, the stars from this year’s World Cup will be consuming 50% more than that by scoffing on 4,500 calories a day. This is the equivalent of eating 9 big macs per day or for those wanting a high protein diet you’d have to eat four full roast chickens a day to consume that many calories.

The high intensity involved in Rugby means players need to pack on the muscle and they do this by eating 1 gram of protein for every pound of body weight. The data shows that a MotoGP star wouldn’t be able to eat this amount as they’re required to remain in lean shape to achieve high speeds whilst riding.

This data set allows you to discover what athletes from a range of sports are eating and why each athlete needs to consume the calories they do. You can then compare the diets of different sports players to see who eats the most.

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