Tiger Woods – World Hero Challenge

‘No matter how good you get, you can always get better and that’s the exciting part’. This line was said by Tiger Woods, and it looks like he just gets better with time and experience. Without any doubts, Tiger Woods is one of the most successful golfers of all time. At the age of 21, Woods was already the youngest golfer to ever win a record score. And now Woods has made the headlines again during the Hero World Challenge. During this game, Woods made a shot of seven-under-par 65. read more


What’s Eating Jordan Spieth?

Once you’ve climbed to the top of the mountain, the quickest way to ground is to fall hard and fall fast. Jordan Spieth has found out about that analogy the hard way.

After bagging two majors and a host of PGA Tour silverware in 2015, the 23-year-old has fallen on rather hard times this season. A sluggish start appeared to be assuaged at The Masters, where Spieth – the defending champion and the man widely tipped to make it two in two – had one arm in the Green Jacket after a blistering opening 54 holes. read more