Trafalgar Square gets a taste of the World Cup

Its not often you get two teams of men facing off in the centre of London dressed in spandex, but that’s what the world cup does to people I suppose. In a preview to the England VS Italy game, which was held last Saturday, the Morphsuit clad gents faced off in a battle to determine who would have the upper hand going into the clash in Manaus.

In hindsight we could have done with the Morphsuits England team scoring 5 or 6 against the Italian side after the national side went down 2-1 to “Gli Azurri” in the second match of group D.

The battle of the morphs finished 0-0 as the rain poured and the police were called to disrupt proceedings after the match caused a bit of a stir! Can we expect more of these impromptu match ups across the UK? Maybe there’s a country called “Morphdonia” we’re unaware of? In any case this is a match up you need to see!

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