Must-Haves for a Dedicated Soccer Player

A young soccer player who is really becoming interested in the sport needs to make sure he or she has the right type of gear. For instance, a player must have a pair of reliable soccer cleats. The size of the cleats on these shoes varies depending on whether the person will be playing on artificial grass or turf.

The size of the cleat can give a player more traction on a specific type of playing field. Consider some other important pieces of gear that an up-and-coming soccer player must have in his or her locker.


Both men and women soccer players need shorts that are designed to move with them. The shorts have to be the correct size so they are not too loose or too tight. Also, a player should look for shorts made of breathable material. It can get hot out on the soccer field, especially if the person is playing in several games throughout the day. Shorts made of material that wicks away moisture are a must-have for any serious soccer player who doesn’t mind a little bit of rain.


A soccer player should have a collection of shirts that are made of lightweight, breathable material. If a person is on a particular team, he or she will wear the team’s jersey. There are different styles of shirts available including collared and crew neck. Of course, a player will want to wear the colors of his or her team. Most importantly, a soccer jersey should be durable and easy to maintain for someone who loves to play soccer on a regular basis.


A jacket is an important item for a soccer player to own. A comfortable jacket can be slipped on while waiting on the sidelines to get into the game again. Also, many players wear jackets as they are warming up for a big game or practicing in inclement weather.


Finally, a soccer player must have a collection of socks that allow for proper ventilation. The sock should be made of a material that moves with a player’s every shift and turn. Plus, the sock should stay in place throughout a game. A player can’t focus on a game if he or she has to keep pulling up a pair of socks! Many dedicated soccer players find a brand of socks they love and stick with them.

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