Why Is Bluetooth Good for Motorsport?

A lot of advances have gone into increasing the speed and efficiency of racing motorcycles, including a leaner, lighter body design as well as improvements in the quality and protection of racing gear.

New designs that increase the aerodynamic abilities of helmets and decrease drag make helmets a more useful accessory for riders who are racing or just enjoying the road. It was only a matter of time until someone figured out the advantages of adding Bluetooth capabilities to motorcycle helmets and other sports headgear.

Why Is Bluetooth Good for Motorsport?

This technology benefits professional racers and hobbyists by offering selective wireless control over communications, both on the racetrack and on the open road. It allows riders a better way to communicate with managers and teammates during a race, which is great for providing general information, getting or giving advisories, or just checking in. Because Bluetooth is a device with reception and transmission controlled by the operators, unintentional interference from other devices is eliminated. The noise reduction feature also allows extraneous distractions to be filtered out, so the operator can maintain better focus. 

With the addition of a GPS feature, drivers can give and receive vital information about course conditions in time to make strategic or safety decisions. These features are especially useful for road rallies, enduro events and trials where effective and reliable communication could be an essential element for successful completion. 

Product Improvements

Bluetooth isn’t entirely new to this domain, but improvements have been made by industry leaders that do away with such problems as connection issues and sound quality. The best of the bunch have also eliminated compatibility issues, so users can seamlessly connect with a range of Bluetooth-enabled mobile devices. 

An accessory like a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet can give bikers an advantage on the open road and on closed-circuit or off-road tracks. Some of the benefits Motorsport enthusiasts can gain from the latest versions of this technology include:

• Hands-free call answering

• Two-way intercom with a 500k reception capability

• Weather-proofing

• In-helmet, rechargeable control unit

• Noise reduction that filters out wind or machine noises and allows voice isolation

• Upgradeable firmware

Now, whether you’re out riding for sport or play, you can access your favourite music, talk to other cyclists and activate GPS controls, all from the safety and convenience of a lightweight and unobtrusive hands-free wireless unit. 

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