Three Tips All Women Should Follow to Stay Safe

When it comes to safety, women have to be particularly vigilant. Whether it is walking to your car at night, living alone, or simply taking a leisurely run, women tend to be at higher risk of violent crimes, kidnapping, and theft. Luckily, there are a number of steps that women can take to reduce these threats. Follow these three simple tips to stay safe in your everyday life.

Have a Plan

When it comes to being a woman, you need to have a clear plan in mind for emergency situations. It is important, for instance, to have the phone numbers of the local police programmed into your phone, as well as a clearly identified ICE (In Case of Emergency) contact. Think through potentially dangerous situations. For example, if you work late at a mall and need to walk to your car in the dark, do so in pairs or ask a security guard to walk with you. By having a plan for every situation, you will greatly minimize your risk.

Have the Right Tools

It also helps to have a few self-defense tools that help you to protect yourself. If you tend to go on a lot of runs or walk to work, it is incredibly helpful to carry pepper spray. You can find pepper spray at most military stores and many even come in cute colors and patterns. It is important, however, that you know how to use the pepper spray. Before leaving the store, have an expert help you practice using your new self-defense tool. Also, keep in mind that pepper spray is only helpful if you have it on hand. Get one that you can attach to your keychain for easy access.

Women who live alone should also ensure that they have a working alarm system install in their home or apartment. Some women also feel more comfortable when they have a gun for added security.

Learn Basic Self Defense

Knowing some basic self-defense tactics is a great way to increase your odds when it comes to threats against women. While martial arts and kickboxing classes are great, they don’t necessarily teach ways to get out of potentially dangerous situations.

Rather than taking these sorts of classes, look for a self-defense class geared specifically toward women. This sort of class will give you practical tips about how to avoid threats and minimize your chances of needing physical defense skills. They will also teach you how to handle yourself in realistic situations, such as an assault, kidnapping or rape incident. Through role playing, you have the opportunity to test the skills that you have learned.

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