The Benefits of Synthetic Lawns

The look of your lawn greatly affects the entire appearance of your home’s exterior. And while you may go to great lengths to ensure the lawn looks its best, diseases, weather, insects and improper maintenance can take its toll on the grass leaving it less then desirable. This is where artificial turf comes in handy.

Over the years, synthetic grass has become increasingly popular for businesses as well as homeowners. In fact, synthetic lawns provide many benefits for you and your landscape that natural grass cannot.

Benefits of Synthetic Grass

• Once it is installed, synthetic grass is generally maintenance free and doesn’t require mowing or watering.

• Saves money by not requiring lawn mower maintenance or gas to run to mower.

• Reduction in water consumption means you pay less for your water bill.

• No costly weed killers or fertilizers necessary to keep your lawn looking good.

• Since you don’t need chemical products that can pollutant the environment to protect and grow the grass, you are taking an environmentally-friendly approach.

• No more wasted hours pulling weeds.

• Long lasting and doesn’t require the hassle or expensive of replanting natural grass will it dies or becomes diseased.

• Synthetic grass has good drainage and dries quickly. This also means you don’t have to worry about those puddles of water forming in your lawn after periods of rain.

• Heavy foot traffic — including playing sports — doesn’t damage synthetic grass.

• Synthetic grass maintains its manicured look 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.

Why do I Need Synthetic Grass

Homeowners are usually concerned with the appearance of their home and want every aspect of it to look its best. And your lawn is an important aspect of both your home’s appearance and comfort. For homeowners who enjoy spending hours carefully caring for their lawn by mowing it, cutting the grass, pulling weeds and keeping it healthy, synthetic grass is probably don’t the ideal choice for you.

However, if you are one of the many people who doesn’t have a green thumb and just can’t find the time to properly care for your lawn, you should consider installing artificial turf. Keep in mind that with all the benefits you receive from synthetic grass, you do lose a few of the advantages that natural grass provides. For most people, however, the pros of artificial turf far outweigh the pros of keeping a natural lawn.

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