Sports you didn’t realize you could bet on

When it comes to betting online, everyone knows you can bet on Football, Boxing, most even know you can bet on less well-publicised sports like Cricket and Rugby. But there’s a whole host of sports out there which you might not know are fair game for bets, so we’ve come up with a list of some of the strangest ones you can put money on in the sportsbook with exchange betting on sports.

Fishing Yes, you can bet on fishing. While a great way to spend a relaxing afternoon down by the lake, you might not have expected that you can place money on how well the trip’s going to turn out. But with major events in the calendar, like Fish ‘O’ Mania, the books are open for you to put money on weight and size of fish as well as which angler is going to be the winner.

Sumo- Boxing, MMA, even Judo at the Olympics, all events you’d expect to place money on for the winner. It turns out, Sumo is just another one of these where you can put money on who’s going to win it big in the semi-regular tournaments that are held.

Hurling- For a competitive game that blends together Football, Field Hockey and the sheer violence of Ice Hockey, Hurling is the sport for you! Originating in Ireland, Hurling has a pretty good following worldwide for those in the know and is regarded as one of the most technically challenging games out there. While it’s not fantastically well known, sites will have bets available.

Professional Wrestling- Debatable on if you’d qualify it as a sport, it’s totally possible to bet on the outcome of professional wrestling matches! We know, the problem here is that it’s less in the hands of probability and more in the hands of whoever’s writing the script, but without prior knowledge you can still be surprised by an outcome and have a little fun putting your money where your mouth is.

Surfing– Similar to fishing (in the sense they both involve water), you can bet on competitive surfing too at major events like the Rip Curl Pro and the Billabong Pipeline Masters. It might not look like a naturally competitive sport but once a competition gets involved, you can start putting money on which surfer’s going to put in the best performance and hopefully get some money back too.

Equestrian-And no, we’re not talking about betting on horse racing, this is specifically on Equestrian events which are a little different. Rather than racing the horse, it’s more about riding it with occasional jumps and other displays. It’s more akin to Crufts or other Dog Shows than the frantic pace of the Grand National. But just like the Grand National, you can place bets on how well a horse and rider will perform (though not using the tote).

Kabbadi– An Indian game that you may not have heard of, Kabbadi is essentially a blend of tag and rugby where you have two teams with half a court each. You each send one player in to ‘tag’ an opponent without being tackled to the ground afterwards. And if you get a good feeling about a team, you can put a bet on who you think will win!

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