Kick off your holiday party with a game of Christmas Bingo Card

Christmas seems like such a long time ago, doesn’t it? It would be great if we could turn back the clocks and do it all over again.

What was your favourite part of the season? The food, the presents, the leftover sandwiches on boxing day morning, or the boxing day football matches that day.

Six matches were played that day, all with some great results. Which one did you watch?

If you enjoyed last Christmas and can’t wait for the Xmas 2K18 why not be prepared for a game that focusses on the whole day.

Created by the bingo experts at bingo.paddypower.com this bingo card has everything likely to take part on the day. From pigs in blankets, Christmas movies, mince pies and the Queens Christmas speech, this card is a good way to get the whole family involved during the festivities.

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