Horse racing continuing to captivate country

British horse racing has remained in the hearts of millions, maintaining it’s equanimity over the years, with race events scheduled throughout the year providing respectable turnouts, breathtaking race finishes and unpredictably brilliant winning horses and jockeys.

Horse racing is the second largest spectator sport in the United Kingdom, and one of the longest established, with a history dating back many centuries.

There are several massive race days which transcend the country, rivalling even England test cricket matches and England football internationals for viewers and gamblers. Showing a true passion for the fast-paced and adrenaline-filled sport.

Great races throughout the year include The Royal Ascot, Ladies Day in August and of course the Grand National. Races with famous venues that have, down the years, witnessed historic jockeys and horses produce moments of magic, including the legendary wonder horse Frankel, the most domineering horse to grace the race turf.

Races are watched in homes, bookies and pubs around the nation, with mammoth amounts of money being staked daily throughout the year in a multi-million pound institution.

Cheltenham Festival

The Cheltenham Festival is one of sport’s most enthralling events of the year, and in 2015 the nation will once again be swept up in horse racing fever, as gamblers and racing fanatics prepare to witness yet another unrivalled race of explosive excitement.

Next year’s Cheltenham Festival will run from 10th to 13th of March with the Cheltenham Gold Cup taking place on Friday 13th March. The captivating course can expect to welcome over 200,000 racegoers from all corners of the globe, with it believed that more than £500 million will be staked throughout the week-long event.

Cheltenham always sweeps the nation every year, and the action is sure to be exhilarating and thoroughly intriguing yet again.

Cheltenham Gold Cup

It’s fellow racing event, the Cheltenham Gold Cup, which is held at the prestigious Prestbury Park, is another big money-generator. At the track itself, the gates open early morning with the first race starting just after lunch. Visitors to the electric event also enjoy a trip to the, now famous, Guinness village.

Britain’s love affair with horse racing has rapidly grown throughout the last decade, and it looks set to continue well into the new year.

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