Why Protein is Important for Endurance Athletes

Protein is an important macronutrient needed by the body. Without it or the lack of it, can result to irritability, hair loss, muscle weakness. If you are an athlete or a fitness enthusiast, protein can help repair your muscles. During prolonged high intensity or strenuous activities like exercise, the muscles, particularly the small filaments that aids in muscle contraction, are strained and microscopically damaged. The body then sends out essential nutrients like protein for growth and recovery. read more


Three top new sporting games this season

If you’re looking to enjoy sporting glory without having to leave the comfort of the sofa, you could do a lot worse than to try out one of these fantastic new sporting games.


This massively popular sporting franchise looks to reassert its dominance over the football gaming genre when FIFA 16 is released in September 2015. With its makers EA Sports promising to make it ‘the most authentic soccer game out there’, it looks to improve on its phenomenal multiplayer mode and gameplay mechanics with some surprising new features. read more


Why school sports tours can create happier, healthier students

Think back to your school days, and not the good times such as flying through an exam, having fun and banter with your favourite teacher, or messing around with your mates in the playground.

No, think of the horrible, dreary January days behind the desk, trying not to fall asleep as the teacher pushes knowledge towards you that you really don’t want to hear. Or the same lacklustre, unappetising food at dinner-time that you had yesterday. Or sitting in a classroom with kids that you dislike. read more